Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Haul

Today I went to Sallys to use my $5 enrollment reward. I purchased China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" and "Caribbean Temptation". With a Sally Beauty Club Card China Glaze polishes are $4.49 each.
I also went to RiteAid and picked up "Fire Fly" by Jesse's Girl, which I have read amazing things about. Jesse's Girl polishes are $2.99. I will be definitely be doing my nails tonight with these polishes and posting pictures/review tomorrow!


  1. I love the Reggae to Riches color I think it is just so pretty especially for something in the winter to have just a pop of color :)
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  2. Great choices. I have just bough Turned up Turquoise, and a little tip with this one - it dries matt and I found it went a little streaky. I think this particular polish is meant to have a top coat as this smoothes everything out and lifts the colour making it brighter and glossy. XX

  3. Thank you! I agree Turned up Turquoise is streaky. I was disappointed until I used Jesse's Girl Fire Fly as a top coat, which made it much prettier! I will post pictures tonight