Friday, March 11, 2011

Nubar & Maybelline & Envy

I quickly became bored with Ulta Envy so I decided to try a few different topcoats. This is Maybelline Salon Expert in Rock Out. This polish must be pretty old. I purchased it last year 2 for $1 from the Dollar Tree. This polish is pretty worthless on its own, but it makes for a pretty topcoat.

On my other hand I tested Nubar 2010. I purchased this polish online last year after failing to find Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Nubar is a clear base with red/orange/gold/green duochrome flakies. It is a very pretty topcoat, but I think it looks even better over a black polish.

Which topcoat do you like better for Envy?


  1. I vote for Rock Out, looks better.

  2. I like the Nubar- go go duochrome flakies!!

  3. i have rock out, too. i LOVE the bottles that brand came in, lol.