Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orly Butterflies

Orly Butterflies is a shiny coral-pink creme. I like jelly/creme polishes but I think this would look pretty with a shimmer top coat. I love the Orly bottles and brushes, so found it pretty easy to apply. This is two coats, no top coat.

This polish looked just like Orly Coquette Cutie (from their newest collection) in the bottle. You can read my post on that here.


  1. I love this polish, also and I must say it looks smashing on you. :) A shimmery or glittery topcoat would be pretty over it. Which one are you going to use? :D

  2. love this shade! I really like Orly's formula..

  3. I decided to use OPI Princesses Rule on top. I will post some photos tonight :)