Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updated Nail Polish Collection & Question

I am almost embarrassed by how much my nail polish collection has grown since the start of this year. With the start of my nail blog I have been purchasing more high end brands and expanding my collection. I keep all drugstore polishes in a storage unit from Michaels and keep my favorites on this rack on the inside of my closet door. If you would like to see what I had on display before you can read my first post here. My contest ended yesterday. I will tally the votes once all of my homework and errands are finished today and should hopefully announce the winner tomorrow:)

Does anyone have any recommendations for other shimmer/fleck polishes similar to China Glaze Lighthouse and China Glaze White Cap? These are my favorite polishes for layering, I use them more than anything else in my collection.


  1. Great organization! I can tell you really love pink polish. I don't know another glass fleck for layering but China Glaze Ahoy is a gorgeous glass fleck on it's own. I saw swatches online but didn't fall in love with it until I owned it. I don't know if you have it or not, but you should consider it if you don't.

  2. Love your collection. You might like OPI Dazzle Me for layering. Have you tried any of the CND effects? Those are awesome layering lacquers.

  3. I'm with Amber I'd love to know where you got them to they are so pretty and I would love to see my collection in stead of reach in a cabinet for them.
    Great collection!

  4. My mom said she ordered from
    but now they don’t show it on their website? It was $27 with $12 shipping
    It is on this website for $30, not sure about shipping.

    I found it when I did a search for metal nail polish rack.

    I have never tried Ahoy, OPI Dazzle Me, or CND effects. I will look into those!

  5. I couldnt find it.. this is about as close as I could get lol..

  6. Sinful Colors Glass Pink and Pure Ice Busted are both fun layering polishes!

    - Amber

  7. You would probably LOVE Ahoy! I sure do! It doesn't capture in pictures nearly as beautiful as it is in person. I used it here if you want to see:

    They aren't layering polishes, but the new Color Club Starry Temptress polishes are fun holo glitters.

  8. Lovely collection ! I love the rack, it looks great on your wall.
    You should try Essence Special Effect Topper in Mystic Mermaid ! It's gorgeous.

    I've swatched it over Orly - Pixie Dust here:

    Take care

  9. I love the rack! I wish my wall were stronger so I could mount a rack and not be nervous that it will fall. I have given you the Kreativ award.