Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail Polish Flower Earrings

I combined two of my favorite loves- nail polish and jewelry! I recently added a whole new line of flower earrings to my Etsy Shop that were created with a few of my favorite polishes and top coats. If you are interested in similar earrings but in different colors let me know! I hope you find something you love :)

Rose Metallic Earrings made with Sally Hansens pink metallic pen

Orange Rose Earrings with Essie Shine Of The Times

Rose Metallic Earrings with Sally Hansens silver metallic pen

Pink Rose Earrings with China Glaze White Cap

Black Rose Earrings with China Glaze Snow Globe


  1. Those are gorgeous! Wish I could pick some up. Boo for unemployment! haha

  2. how pretty!! i especially love the black ones at the end!

  3. Oh these are so beautiful!!!! :D

  4. They're all very pretty. My favourites are the black ones with Fairy Dust. :)