Monday, August 8, 2011

Light My Tiki & White Cap

This is a simple manicure, two coats of China Glaze Light My Tiki, with one coat of my favorite topcoat, China Glaze White Cap. China Glaze Light My Tiki was one of my first China Glaze polishes. I still remember how great it felt to "splurge" and pay $6 for one nail polish at Sally's. After the start of my blog my collection has grown enormously, and I think I now own 20-25 China Glaze polishes. If you would like to see my last post on my polish collection visit here. I need to update again, I will put that on my list of things to do ;).


  1. That's how I felt once I bought my first OPI. lol. I was used to spending just a couple bucks at the drug store before then.

    Anyways, the color is great!! :)

  2. I like this combo! I like LMT alone but WC over top makes it look so different. Dood! I didn't have but a dozen random (read: drug store) polishes before I started blogging. Now? I don't even want to know how many I have! LOL Welcome to the world of polish blogging. :)

  3. That top coat is very pretty!

  4. I love this combination! :)
    it was sooo hard to splurge on my first OPI! but now it would be painful to go back to only drug store brands